Your checklist for choosing the right lifting equipment

If your business requires a crane or lifting equipment, it is important to make sure you are purchasing the right piece of equipment for the job. We’ve created a quick checklist of the different specs, so you can narrow down the best type of lifting equipment to suit your needs.

Type of equipment  may be available
  Overhead Crane
  Jib crane
  KBK Suspension
  Chain Hoist

Requirement of your lifting equipment – what do you want to achieve with this equipment?
  Manual handling

Environment Conditions
  Temperature controlled

Lifting capacity required.
We can provide equipment from 125kg up to 200T

How often will your crane will be used

What are the load spectrum and/or class factors?

What is the span required?

What is the height of the lift?

What is the length of the runway/ long travel?

Do you require conductor system or c-track?

How will the your system be supported?
  Runway system

What is the lifting and travel speed?

Do you require additional equipment or parts?
  Load displays
  Remote control systems


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