The lifecycle of your equipment

At NQCranes, we believe that once you are customer of ours, you are one for life. No matter what lifecycle stage your lifting equipment is at, we are there for your business - whether it be new cranes, regular servicing, repairs and breakdowns, refurbishment or replacement of your equipment.

New equipment

The first step is to contact NQCranes for a quote to determine which crane or lifting equipment you may need, as well as your overall budget for the project.. Once your have accepted the quote, our engineering and design teams will design and manufacture your crane to the exact specifications. Manufacturing also includes the fit out of the crane hoist. Delivery and commissioning onsite of your crane, completes the first stage in the lifecycle of your equipment.

Maintenance and repairs

It’s important to ensure that your cranes and equipment are regularly maintained. Quarterly maintenance servicing and inspections are carried out by our qualified and experienced technicians. Our technicians understand that downtime of cranes can impact your business, which is why we service your cranes at a time that best suits your business. We also know that unexpected breakdowns can happen, which is why NQCranes offer on-call breakdown servicing and repairs. Compliance of your crane is critical, with annual 3rd party inspections and DWP Calculations available.

Refurbishment and replacement

As with all machinery, equipment and parts eventually need to be refurbished or replaced. We stock critical spare parts, to ensure optimum efficiency and safety on your cranes and can engineer and manufacture other parts as required. Our technicians can complete a general overhaul of your hoists and discuss with you whether a refurbishment or replacement of your crane is appropriate.

To request a quote or find out more information about your crane and equipment, call NQCranes today on 1300 761 822

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