Extending the life of your lifting equipment

Did you know, regular inspections and advanced reporting will extend the life of your equipment? This in turn improves the return on your investment and keeps your ongoing costs as low as possible.

 All lifting equipment should be routinely inspected and tested even if they are not operated regularly. Your crane can deteriorate through corrosion or be damaged due to wear and tear and without regular inspection, this may go on un-noticed, risking the likelihood of expensive repairs, or worse, irreparable equipment.

It’s important that regular inspection, maintenance and repairs to your lifting equipment is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or by a competent person. Our qualified and trained team of NQCranes technicians can safely perform repairs to give you full peace of mind. We are also able to conduct repairs when it suits your business, minimising unexpected downtime.

Top 5 reasons cranes need to be regularly maintained and inspected:

1)    Ensure that all lifting equipment is functioning efficiently

2)    Ensure that the cranes are in a safe, operating condition

3)    Reduce the overall total cost of ownership of your lifting equipment

4)    Improve availability of use

5)    Extend the length of equipment operating time.

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