Dragline Crane Overhaul, Bowen Basin

Overhauls are scheduled with NQCranes and often organised months in advance. Overseas or long lead items are purchased and are in stock prior to removal of the crane from service. This ensures the Dragline crane can be removed on one down day and installed 4 weeks later during the next down day. This reduces crane downtime and ensures 100% reliability for critical lifts and during major shutdowns.

An assessment is completed on the crane prior to removal. NQCranes then organises and removes the crane from the dragline and transports to our Mackay workshop. NQCranes overhauls and or replaces all necessary components, fits the crane with an NQCranes electronic latch system, installs FRP10 LSR load display, new remote control and replaces all electrical switch gear. After inhouse load testing and calibration, NQCranes transports the crane back to site and reinstalls into the dragline.

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