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Crane Maintenance

It pays to ensure that your cranes are maintained and serviced correctly to comply with Workplace Health and Safety. Changes to the Australian Standards relating to overhead cranes and hoists have resulted in more frequent general service inspections and additional in-depth inspections to be carried out at specific intervals during the working life of the overhead crane. 

How can we help you?

Preventative maintenance
24 hour breakdown support
Major assessments/inspections
Shutdown support


Compliance/maintenance services

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership of your lifting equipment

  • Keep your cranes in safe operating condition

  • Improve availability of equipment

  • Regular inspections and advanced reporting extends the life of your equipment

  • Perform your repairs when it suits you, minimising costly downtime

  • Improve the return on your investment of your lifting equipment with a thorough maintenance regime


Routine inspections


Inspections will be carried out in conformance with the appropriate parts of AS2550.

  • Equipment specific inspection checklists

  • Trade qualified technicians

  • Technicians with the highest documented training

  • Instantaneous digital reporting including photos

Annual periodic third-party inspections

An annual periodic third-party inspection provides independent advice on whether the level of maintenance and repairs are in accordance with AS2550.1. As part of the proposed inspections, the maintenance records of the crane shall be reviewed prior to the inspection. The inspection has been designed to inspect equipment for deficiencies and violations.

  • Fully independent crane inspectors

  • Comprehensive report

  • Design Work Period (DWP) calculation completed

Major assessments

The major assessment will contain a theoretical part, where the remaining design life of each component of the crane is analysed based on the duty estimation, and a practical part, where physical inspections of all critical components and systems of the crane are inspected for integrity and functionality.

  • Checking the remaining life of the critical components,

  • RPEQ Crane Engineers

  • Identify components that have reached their design life

  • Comprehensive report provided with results and significant findings.

  • Requirements for any action to be completed before further use of the crane.

  • Recommendations for actions to be carried out within a given operational time.

Overhauls and refurbishments

Recertification of your crane and hoist extends working life and ensures their safe, productive and profitable operation.

  • Establish the most economical options: Major Assessment, Major Inspection or Replacement under the supervision of a RPEQ Crane Engineer

  • Hoist replacements

  • Non-destructive testing of structure

  • General overhaul

  • Upgrades and modernisations

Extend the life of your equipment

Extends the life of your equipment and improves efficiencies.

  • Pendant to radio control

  • Variable speed drives

  • Radio interface

  • Electrical upgrades

  • Busbar and power supply

Under hook lifting gear inspections

  • Onsite inspections

  • Chains, slings and lifting attachments

  • Height safety equipment

  • Colour coded tagging system

  • Comprehensive equipment register

  • Qualified technicians


 24 hour breakdown support

NQCranes operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our network of on-call technicians will respond swiftly in the event of a breakdown and will endeavour to remedy your problem immediately.


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