The steel fabrication business in all its forms is a major customer for all NQCranes products. Heavy fabrications can require cranes with lifting capacities up to 100 tonnes and more, whilst fabrication of lighter parts may require small work-station cranes and jibs with capacities of 250kg or less.

More often than not the best solutions for handling in a fabrication facility involve a range of overhead crane and hoist types to ensure minimum operator waiting and maximum handling speeds for lighter loads. Typically larger overhead cranes will be more efficient with auxiliary hoists or express lifting facilities and the inclusion of low level overhead cranes beneath the main overhead crane in the form of semi-portal, wall travelling jib or fixed jib cranes will further improve handling rates and flexibility. In many applications specialist 'hang on hook' devices such as magnet or vacuum lifters will improve productivity.

In most cases, workshop overhead cranes will be single or double girder overhead cranes. We offer a number of special features which provide significantly enhanced machine shop and assembly shop handling. These include programmable flux vector drives with electrical braking and hoists with true vertical lift. In cases where the work flow requires loads to traverse under the main overhead cranes, we offer two tier crane schemes with either semi-portal or wall travelling jib cranes enabling product flow under the main cranes down one or both sides of the shop.

Contact us for information and pricing on cranes and hoists specifically designed for use in steel fabrication environments. Or, request a quote online, now.


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