Is your equipment getting out-dated or not meeting Australian Standards or compliance requirements?

Since 2002, the following Australian Standards for cranes, hoists & winches were implemented:

> AS2550.1-2002 Cranes, Hoists & Winches - Safe Use Part 1: General Requirements
> AS2550.3-2002 Cranes, Hoists & Winches - Safe Use Part 3: Bridge, Gantry, Portal Cranes
> AS1418.1-2002 Cranes, Hoists & Winches Part 1: General Requirements

In regards to maintenance, AS2550.3-2002, Section 7 - Maintenance Inspection & Repairs, a couple of critical changes are:

> Clause 7.2.2 Routine Maintenance Service shall not exceed three (3) monthly intervals
> Clause 7.3.2 Pre-operational Visual Inspection shall be carried out at the commencement of each working shift & a log book completed.

We can help you with all aspects of meeting compliance requirements.


To ensure you get the longest working life possible out of your crane; & to lessen your liability in the event of your crane being involved in an accident, regular inspections & servicing is a must for any commercial operation.

NQ Cranes can perform inspections, identify & effect repairs & ensure that you are in compliance with all relevant laws & regulations.

• Australian Standards AS2550.1 and AS2550.3–2002
In-depth inspections are to be carried out at 10-year and 25-year intervals during the working life of the overhead crane.

• Major Inspection of Mechanical Components for Assessment for Continued Safe Operation – Section 7.3.4 & 7.4.1
This assessment should be carried out at 10-year intervals for the mechanical components.

• Re-certification for Continued Safe Operation – Section 7.4.1
This assessment should be carried out at 25-year intervals or where the crane has been subjected to an overload greater than 10% of rated capacity for either or both structure & hoist.

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