Petro Chem

Many overhead cranes and hoists for the Oil, Gas and Chemical industries must be designed and built for special environmental conditions in which particular safety or protective measures are necessary.

The presence of flammable gases, vapours, dust or fibre in the atmosphere may present a hazard if there is a risk that electrical apparatus on the crane or hoist might become a source of ignition. The types of flammable substance may be defined by the Gas 'Group' and likelihood of the hazard being present the 'Zone'. Street offers flameproof protection or 'explosion proof' (Ex) it is sometimes known. This essentially entails purpose built control systems, motors, brakes and other mechanical apparatus.

Other environments may be considered 'aggressive' or 'corrosive' in that chemical attack on materials or components may be a factor. In such cases the use of certain materials in construction may need to be avoided and mechanical or electrical equipment may need additional protection.

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