The metal treatment industry including galvanising, electrolytic galvanising, electrolytic processes, dipping, coating, shot blasting, heat treatment and other chemical treatments are an area of specialisation for NQCranes.

The desire for longer lasting steel coatings has resulted in renewed growth of the galvanising industry. NQCranes equipment supplier Street Crane has been at the forefront of crane technology for this new generation of plants. Whilst the environment in a modern galvanising plant is considerably improved by the new generation extraction systems special measures may need to be agreed with the end user to avoid chemical attack by Hcl.

The aerospace industry has many similar applications with the increase in electrolytic treatments and chemical treatments of metals are increasing throughout industry. One feature common to most metal treatments is the potential for environmental factors which may require extra protection of equipment on the crane or hoist. Typical problems requiring solutions include chemicals, heat, dust, flammable materials, and explosive gases.

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